Drafting & Design Technology

Instructor: Mrs. Amber Negley

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The Drafting class is structured as a competency-based program. It is set up as a model corporation (Drafters, Inc.) with role-playing as the basis for developing drafting and job skills for the workplace. This format enables the student to understand the structure of the corporation as to the corporation itself (physical entity and goods and services it provides to the community) and the role of the individual - whether they are corporate officers, middle management or hourly employees.

Learning activities center on competency-based learning modules. In addition, small group meetings between the instructor and student's are used to emphasize and highlight material, which is presented.

An internship for second year students and a cooperative education experience for third year students are goals for those who qualify. This enables the student to attain on the job experience in the workplace, which is a valuable part of the learning experience.

Grading in the Drafting class is as follows: 60% daily performance grade, 20% on tasks and 20% on tests. A daily performance grade will be given for each day of Drafting class when a student is present. If a student is absent, he/she will receive a zero for a daily performance grade. Requesting a makeup packet from the Drafting instructor can make up a daily performance grade. However, it is the responsibility of the student to request the packet, complete it and submit for grading.

The Drafting Class Task List includes:
Safety, Life Skills, Blueprint Reading, Measuring & Scales, Lettering, Sketching, Drafting Constructions, Orthographic Projection, Dimensions, Tolerancing Descriptive Geometry, Auxiliary Views, Revolution, Section, Fasteners, Pictorial Drawing, Inking, Working Drawings, Springs, Graphic Communication, Tool Design Drafting, Weld Drafting, Pipe Drafting, Sheet Metal Drafting, Gears and Cams, CAD System, Fluid Power, Charts and Graphs, Industrial Plastics Structural Materials, Technical Illustration, Structural Elements, Structural Drafting, Map Drafting, Model Building, Surveying, Architectural Drafting, Manufacturing Processes, Drafting Media & Drafting Tools

  Interests     Skills

If you have the following interests, then this program may be for you:

  1. sketch and draw
  2. build models
  3. work in detail
  4. be neat and clean
  5. work with others and on your own
  6. work with mathematics
  7. work with your hands
  8. take pride in my work
  9. work with computers and calculators
  10. turn dreams and ideas into reality

If you have the following skills, then this program may be for you:

  1. write and draw neatly, steadily and accurately
  2. understand and follow written and oral directions
  3. measure to a 16th of an inch
  4. work with fractions and calculate basic mathematics
  5. communicate effectively with others
  6. keep my appearance neat and clean
  7. make estimations
  8. use formulas in calculations
  9. think visually of geometric forms
  10. perceive pertinent detail in objects
  Industry Certification     Uniform Requirements
  American Design Drafting Association - Certified Drafter    
  • Steel toe shoes
  • Safety glasses (provided)
  Career Potential Upon Completion of the Program     Career Potential with further Education and Training
  • Junior Draftsperson
  • Draftspersons Assistant or Blueprinter
  • Computer Aided Drafting Draftsperson
  • Surveyors Helper (Chainperson or Rodperson)
  • Draftsperson Surveyor
  • Cartographer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Designer-Detailer
  • Landscape Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Architect or Architectural Technician
  • Civil Engineer/Technician
  • Mechanical Engineer/Technician
  • Mining Engineer/Technician
  • Structural Engineer/Technician
  • Electrical Engineer/Technician
  Career Technical Student Orgranization     Post-secondary Options
  SkillsUSA     To view current advanced credit opportunities articulated with post-secondaryinstitutions, go to the equivalency search results at:

Nondiscrimination Policy
The Greene County Career & Technology Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or ages in its programs or activities. Career and Technical Education program offerings include: Automotive Collision and Body Repair, Automotive Technology, Building and Construction Occupations, Child Care Services and Management, Computer Networking Technology, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Drafting and Design, Electrical Occupations, Emergency and Protective Services, Health Assistant, Precision Machining, Welding and Licensed Practical Nursing (adults only). Admission to the programs depends upon availability and class size and sending school districts criteria. Inquires may be directed to the Greene County Career and Technology’s Title IX Coordinator or the Section 504 Coordinator at 60 Zimmerman Drive, Waynesburg, PA or call 724-627-3106.
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